Come già scritto, Pure Data può essere considerato un’estensione di Max/MSP, più giovane, Open Source, ma dalle funzionalità praticamente identiche.
Si tratta quindi come sempre di collegare oggetti tra loro secondo ordine logico al fine di creare situazioni sonore praticamente illimitate.
Un semplice esempio per costruire un semplice player audio:

clipped from

Pd’s four text objects: message, atom, object, and comments.Pd's four text objects: message, atom, object, and comments.


Like Max, Pd is a “patcher” programming language. As with most DSP software, there are two primary rates at which data is passed: sample (audio) rate, usually at 44100 samples per second, and control rate, at 1 block per 64 samples. Control messages and audio signals generally flow from the top of the screen to the bottom between “objects” connected via inlets and outlets.
Pd supports 4 basic types of text entities: messages, objects, atoms, and comments. Atoms are the most basic unit of data in Pd, and they consist of either a float, a symbol, or a pointer to a datastructure. (In Pd, all numbers are stored as 32-bit floats). Messages are composed of one or more atoms and provide instructions to objects. A special type of “content-less” message called a bang is used to initiate events and push data into flowing, much like pushing a button.

A screenshot of MSD Editor which uses data structures to visualize control data. (Frank Barknecht)

  blog it

Sul sito si trovano tutte le informazioni a riguardo, dal FAQ al download per

Linux, Mac e Win,

documentazioni, manuali, tutorials.

Altre informazioni qui.

Un altro esempio di patch semplicissima:


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