Dall’interfaccia grafica credo che questo software sia stato concepito mediante Pure Data, una versione evoluta, più leggera e Open Source di Max/MSP (l’artefice è sempre David Zicarelli dell’IRCAM).

Da ixi-software

SpinDrum . version beta 0.9.1

The spindrum is a rhythm machine that can be used in such a general way that it is has nothing to do with rhythm anymore. It tries to explore non-conventional ways to sequence rhythms as well as to produce an interface that visually explains the underlying process.

Basically, you’ve got sets of 10 different “wheels” ranging from 1 to 10 sounds on each wheel. These wheels trigger the sound attached to them according to how many sounds are on the wheel. Pitch and panning can be controlled individually depending on the wheel’s location on the screen.

The combination of different objects creates evolving rhythms that can turn out to be extremely complex and interesting.

Download per Mac Classic
Download per Mac OSX
Download per Win

Ecco un video dimostrativo:


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