Circa 8.000 dollari.

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I get the sense the designers of the Sonic Chair had a lot of roommates. Seeing as the pod-like seat is made to isolate its occupant in a personal sound space, it would be ideal for a music lover that wants to minimize any aural spillover onto others. The chair’s speakers are crafted and positioned in the “bowl” so that whoever sits within hears powerful bass and focused acoustics, while that same sound is barely audible to everyone else. Audio sourcess connect via line-level inputs.
The Sonic Chair, designed by Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler and Daniela Reuter, is very covetable — nice idea, cool design (available in four colors), and the swiveling drink tray is a much-appreciated touch (you can also have the designers install stuff like a touchscreen controller or an iPod dock in its place). Suede microfibers and rugged-mesh backrest should provide a decent comfort level, though it couldn’t hurt to add a couple of throw pillows.


Sonic Chair, via MoCo Loco
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