Interessante progetto che tenta di creare un paesaggio sonoro immaginario del momento con il contributo di chiunque. E’ sufficiente cliccare su to partecipate.

E’ possibile inserire anche dei file audio.

THEBIGEAR – an Imaginary Soundscape
A literary and musical operation

Let’s build an imaginary soundscape, by imagining to have such a powerful ear that it can perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon.
To partecipate to the project is very simple … using the appropriate form (click on “to partecipate”) describe the sounds you are hearing in this moment in the place in which you are… sounds coming from the room where you are with your computer, or from your home, or from outside, from the city or the countryside.
Describing the soundsas best as it is possible, it will be easy for us to imagine them, and also to try to synthetize them in a way that resembles them.
You can also add any kind of comments and reflections of your own, memories and other thoughts the sound suggested to you. There is no space limitation: you can also send a recording af the sound itself.
The official language of THEBIGEAR is English , but contributions in every language will be accepted.
The goal of THEBIGEAR is to build an imaginary (virtual?) soundscape, consisting of sounds that come from all over the world, from different ways of listening and listening locations, as if an unique big ear (with an unlimited acoustic horizon) perceived them.
The software which runs THEBIGEAR automatically will insert your contributions into a hypothetical listening day, maintaining the time your listening report was sent.
The official time of THEBIGEAR is the one of the Aesthetic Flow Bureau, and the times of any single intervention will be related to that time.


2 thoughts on “THE BIG EAR

  1. Addirittura per l’ “altro giornale” il tuo trasferimento in valpo è considerato uno degli eventi dell’anno…

    Ti ho aggiunto al mio reader… notevole il video con i cantanti qui sotto… anche se soffro di complesso di inferiorità rispetto ai bassi :)…

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