Do you value freedom?

Do you care about it?

Do you want to have a say?

Be part of something HUGE, Join 100 million people who will say:


To freedom in TIBET, and in other parts of the world.

Light a Candle for Tibet at your home, workplace or in a public place.
(On Thursday August 7th, the night before the Olympic Games start)

You will not be alone. Many millions around the world will do the same in prayer for freedom and hope.

And our candles will be seen by billions on TV screens all over the world on the day the Olympics open. Tibet will not be forgotten.

Join today and invite all your friends to join too.

UNITED, Nothing Can Stop Our Light From Shining.


One thought on “Do you believe in freedom?

  1. Freedom in Tibet? You should look to your own frontyard! My prediction is that there will be spy cameras on every light post in every city in America and Europe within twenty years. If you look closely at modern “democracies”, you should find that your government does NOT listen to you or have your benefit in mind. Get a handle on the corporations and maybe you can get a handle on your government.

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