Great music and sounds by Roberto Laneri, international guru about Overtone Singing & Co.. It is a very particular CD, we can listen didjeridoo, overtone singing, indian and oriental instruments, all the clarinet-sax category and audio processing. It is interesting the capability of Laneri to mix different instruments and musical genres without defined marks, without irritations. This is a great quality for a real musician, and this is my opinion.

The author says:

Sentimental Journey is the first american song I heard (I must have been 8 or so) … My uncle played for me on a 78 rpm disc, it was sung by Doris Day … To me it was a revelation, I thought I was listening to the quintessence of American music. Was it jazz? Blues? … was sure that song incarnated the perfection of all those genres … Decades later (…) I can still recall the impression that song had to me, like a key opening up all sorts of musical treasures, the start of a journey which has continued to all sorts of music from all lands and times …

I suggest for you:

Sentimental Journey

The Landing



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