The free version of this software is ready for you.
Overtone Analyzer is a software for vocal and sound analysis, in particular addressed to overtone singers.
It is very important to understand that this version has got less features than the full version, and I show them:

  • record sounds and render high quality spectrogram and spectrum displays in real time
  • interactive real-time adjustments of display parameters
  • overtone slider overlay = 1
  • integrated colormap editor
  • longest displayed time range = 10 seconds continuous loop
  • best supported frequency resolution = 10.8 Hz at 22 kHz
  • best supported sampling rate = 22 kHz
  • best supported bit depth = 16 bit
  • audio quality = mp3 quality

These few features can limit our work, but they can be useful to know about Overtone Analyzer, for free.


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