HARMONIC VISION audiovisualization program, 1998-2008.

Harmonic Vision by the famous overtone singer David Hykes is a marriage between art and tech. He and his team have realized a  Max/MSP based stand-alone software that transforms vocal harmonics into visual mandalas and imagery, using pure Harmonic Chant, Mantra or chanted names.

Actually the software, currently used only on Mac, is not for sale.

David says:

Following the “In Light of Sound” work I did in the 80s and early 90s with physical cymatics procedures for visualizing Harmonic Chant (following my early years in experimental cinema), since about 1998 I’ve developing software applications for transforming Harmonic Chant into visual and video art and projections, first in collaboration with the makers of “Videodelic” and “Onadime”. The program is called “Harmonic Vision” and currently works on Mac OS X. It is based on the MAX/MSP platform. The program has been primarily developed for our Harmonic Presence Foundation projects. For example, it was used in our recent evening for the Mind and Life Institute at the Garrison Institute. As you may know, the MLI brings together neuroscientists from around the world with contemplative practitioners to explore how contemplative practice changes consciousness and the brain.

This Macintosh/Max Runtime-based audiovisualization program provides tracks notes, harmonics 1-32, with advance coloration and shaping of cymatics forms and interaction of harmonics 1-12, and other key features.

David has not explained the mathematical procedure to me, so we are waiting for more news about Harmonic Vision.

David Hykes is not only a simple overtone singer:

Our own work linking Mind, Music, Meditation and Medicine fit right in. That’s the kind of multi-disciplinary work I’ve interested in, along with developing the pure Harmonic Chant lineage and tradition.


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