Calling you (Bagdad Cafè soundtrack) is one of my preferred songs. It moves me to tears each time I hear it, like few other ballads (A salty dog, The great gig in the sky, …).

Maybe this is in relation with my memories or with my mood…

I don’t like very much the interpretation of Javetta Steele (original version) …

… I preferr the Barbra Streisand, Holly Cole and Giorgia versions, but there was a divine relation when this song and a heavenly voice merged, so I found a studio version and a live version by the great Jeff!

And thanks to the composer Bob Telson for this masterpiece.

A desert road from Vegas to nowhere
Some place better than where you’ve been
A coffee machine that needs some fixing
In a little cafe just around the bend

I am calling you
(Don’t you hear me)
I am calling you

A hot dry wind blows right through me
The baby’s crying and I can’t sleep
But we both know a change is coming
Coming closer, a sweet release

I am calling you
(I know you hear me?)
I am calling you


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