Thanks to SounDesign


Amon Tobin is an eclectic sound/music artist.

He wrote video-game soundtracks (Splinter Cell, the Getaway, …), songs for film and triler soundtracks (Spiderman, The Italian Job, Lord of the Rings, S.W.A.T., …), cartoons soundtracks, remix and many other.

I’m speaking about Tobin not for his music, I don’t like very much, but for his nice site.

I can’t explain more, you must dicover what you can do.

I say only this:

  • click on his site
  • click on HD Version or Low Res button in relation with your RAM
  • click on the bottom-left Field Excursion button
  • read the briefing then click on the up-right Exit to Field tab
  • enjoy!

Ehi, it is only an amusing show, but no exceptional.


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