21/22 novembre 2009


Villa Monga
via Baganzani


Robert Lunte

Marco Tonini

A TC-Helicon Create Pedal
and a RODE M1 microphone
will be given away respectively at two drawn students.


For more details download the work programme, or this 4 SIDES BROCHURE, post a comment or contact:

Elisabetta Zucca – elisazucca[at]hotmail[dot]com

Robert Lunte is the Founder of  The Vocalist Studio™. He is also the author and producer of the popular DVD training system, “The Four Pillars of Singing“, sold in over 90 countries world-wide. Lunte’s innovative approach focuses on two skills with great expertise that all singers seek to achieve; the ability to seamlessly bridge chest and head resonance, isolation of all constriction or breakage and head voice development to create full and powerful tone. Mastering the TVS “Bridging & Connecting” techniques, results in amazing range with complete vocal freedom with convincing glass shattering power. This is training for “vocal athletes”. The TVS “Training Vocal Athletes Workshop” is educational, innovative, rowdy, fun and helping to cut the edge of modal vocal pedagogy.

Marco Tonini works on vocal audio analysis and experimental vocal emission. On this workshop he will introduce some vocal aspects: vocal tract and resonance cavities, timbre, harmonics theory and formants, vocal sonograms and spectrograms. By his researches he tries to find a common junction between phoniatrics and inner sensations. Frequently science is not able to comprehend what singing teachers are saying, and vice versa. His vocal approach is to visualize all the variations of a vocal sound (and vocal tract) by power spectrum in real time. It can help a vocalist to acquire a deeper consciousness and a wider vision of the vocal power.

You can make a reservation for private lessons with Robert Lunte on 22 November at this page.





A TC-Helicon Create Pedal and a RODE M1
microphone will be given away at each event!

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