Is noise always bad?

Once I thought that silent could be the better solution for developing our creativity. Nothing could be more wrong. Since some years I’m proposing, during my lessons, several hearing situations at very low intensity: overtone singing, noises, high frequencies, ambient music. Sounds good. But not enough. Reading this article on The University of Chicago Press talking about a research (from The Journal of Consumer Research) on this matter, I know I have to change something:

Is noise always bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition

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ABA – sound opportunities

I think I’ll almost ask to take part. I have some ideas to propose.

Ladies and gentlemen,

 We would like to remind you of the Call for Papers with the broad topic Sound Opportunities. Fields of research are audio branding, new media, sound design, product development and multimodal interaction. Submission deadline is August 30th. Papers and posters will be presented at the Audio Branding Congress in Moscow on November, 28th. Find more information about the call here.

 The call is also available as pdf here.
Please forward this call to everybody who might be interested. Thank you!
Best regards
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( ( ( ABA ) ) ) Audio Branding Academy
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22765 Hamburg
Tel: +49 (1573) 1638376

An emotion detector for baby

An interesting project by a japanese team. It could be possible to codify and to interpret the emotional state of babies analyzing power spectrum and pitch of their crying.

From eurekalert:

Baby monitors of the future could translate infant cries, so that parents will know for certain whether their child is sleepy, hungry, needing a change, or in pain. Japanese scientists report details of a statistical computer program that can analyze a baby’s crying in the International Journal of Biometrics.

As any new parent knows, babies have a very loud method of revealing their emotional state – crying. Unfortunately, the parenting handbook does not offer guidance on how to determine what the crying means. Parents sometimes learn with experience that their child’s cries may be slightly different depending on their cause, whether hunger or discomfort… Continue reading “An emotion detector for baby” italian netlabel

From the ashes of dharmasound a new entity is born: netlabel, good  and free music over the web, different elements and different styles with a special care to experimental sounds.

We are proud to be again online with a new name, new website and a new catalog that we inaugurate with the compilation We Want To Beehivemind, a projects that we launched before the closure of  the netlabel dharmasound.

new release

You can listen or download my track Apiarium Humanus, the full release and artwork.

dsound netlabel = Alfredo Serafini aka Seralf, Luca Frigo aka Knob Alchemist and LostCore.

The Art of Soundscaping

Sound Installations + Workshop
25-27 September 2009,  Palermo

[English version at bottom]

Antitesi ospita spesso artisti di passaggio per mettere in contatto il pubblico ed i creativi locali con artisti provenienti da tutto il mondo.
Il prossimo evento sarà dedicato all’Arte Sonora (Sound Art) attraverso un fitto calendario, dal 25 al 27 settembre 2009: installazioni sonore degli artisti Andrea Valle (I)Peter Klingt (AT) e il workshop ‘The Art of Soundscaping’.

Il Workshop sarà condotto dall’ austriaco Klingt, si tratta di un corso-laboratorio intensivo dedicato alla tecnica ed all’arte di utilizzare registrazioni sonore di ambienti e di suoni naturali per riorganizzarli in veri e propri paesaggi sonori ricchi di suggestioni e sollecitazioni uditive. Di seguito il dettaglio:

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Free or Open Source audio/software – up-to-date

I am very stupid.

I was sure I have already inserted these extraordinary free audio tools for vocal and sound analysis (unfortunately only for Win) from UCL.

Ok, I’m doing now!

from UCL: SFSystem
from UCL: SFSystem

They are like many other applications, but some of them can offer to you many little surprises.

For vocal analysis I suggest: Continue reading “Free or Open Source audio/software – up-to-date”

Hobnox Audiotool

Segnalato da Jens Mugge.

Hobnox è una beta piattaforma web per la creazione e condivisione di progetti multimediali.
Ma vorrei segnalarvi al suo interno la divertente applicazione Audiotool, la quale permette di divertirsi con il collegamento tra vari moduli audio per la realizzazione di strutture audio/ritmiche, anche se a mio avviso un pò troppo techno, e nulla a che vedere con Max/MSP.


Praticamente tramite flash si possono creare delle patch utilizzando elementi forniti in dotazione, e collegandoli a piacere in funzione degli obiettivi.

Avrete a disposizione: Continue reading “Hobnox Audiotool”